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Herzliya Real Estate

luxury houses for sale & rent in herzliya pituah

Herzliya Pituach is located on the beach between road number 2 and the sea, about 5 km north to Tel-Aviv city.
The proximity to Tel-Aviv makes Herzliya Pituach a trendy site for those who wish to have a luxurious life while living in a quiet residential are near the beach. In recent years the prices and demand for properties in the neighborhood rose significantly as a result of the increasingly growing interest of foreign investors, new immigrant and vacationers that can enjoy a nice weather all year round. Rising property value makes Herzliya Pituach a goldmine for real-estate investments in Israel. Houses are bought and sold every month, either for living or as a promising asset, destined to gain value in the future. A selection of cottages and villas is offered for sale and rent all year long, presenting an excellent investment opportunity or, if you wish, a formidable choice of summer residence by the beach.

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