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Caesarea has a magical quality that makes it one of the most desirable locales on Israel's coastline.  It is a modern urban city, close to the   country’s big cities, 50 km. north of Tel-Aviv and next to one of Israel’s most magnificent coastlines.


Caesarea is a place where a bountiful history meets a modern community – where a rich past of the Romans who recognized & valued Caesarea's charms, meets a contemporary and lively present - modern neighborhood with spacious homes, gardens, open spaces, magical beaches and the Mediterranean Sea at the horizon.

Caesarea is one of the main tourist locations in Israel and has something for everyone: hotel & apartment accommodation, sports facilities, beautiful beaches, historical sites and modern hi-tech industrial center surrounded by gourmet restaurants, cafes and shopping centers - entertainment and recreation.

Caesarea Harbor is a memorable site and swimming among the submerged pillars of antiquity makes for a unique experience. Stroll around the undulating countryside and enjoy pleasant surprises - full-scale excavations, a superb hippodrome, columns and statues, an aqueduct on the beach. The grand Roman amphitheater on the edge of the Mediterranean is a romantic setting for under-the-stars concerts, performances and restaurants throughout the summer.

The Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Development Corporation
Ltd. (CDC) operates in Caesarea "in order to establish in the place a unique settlement, which based on values of quality of life and environment when beside it an industry and business park from the most advance in the land, and to develop Caesarea as a national tourism center.".with active and well-varied community life complemented by careful planning, organization and nurturing.

A new neighborhood is being built in Caesarea. Cluster 13’s homes have a view of the Mediterranean Sea, are adjacent to a proffesional Golf course, and are scattered among beautiful gardens and ample open spaces. The neighborhood’s surrounding natural beauty adds to an atmosphere of endless tranquility and freedom. Cluster 13’s lands are along the coastline, and as such, this cluster is experiencing rapid development and investments.












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